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Why You Need A Consumer Unit Not A Fuse Box

Consumer Unit Vs Fuse Box

Why You Need A Consumer Unit Rather Than A Fuse BoxIf you live in a building that dates back more than thirty years or more, or you have just bought a property of a similar age or even properties dating back a hundred years or more. Then unless the building has recently been re-wired before you bought it, then the chances are that you will have an older style fuse box in your house.

This can be a large source of electrical problems. These days even buying fuse wire from hardware shops or even an electrical shop can be a problem.

Also, consider when a fuse blows in your houses electricity board you can always guarantee that it will have blown the lighting circuit in the room that you have stored the fuse wire in. You will then have to try and find a torch to find the fuse wire, and then carefully extract the old fuse from the board and re-wire it. This often involves the use of a screwdriver, which again can be hard to find in the dark.

In addition with such an older style fuse board, it is very easy to re-wire the fuse and plug it in, only for it to instantly blow again.

If this scenario sounds more than familiar then you need to replace your fuse board with a consumer unit. If your wiring is old, then even if you are not in a position to re-wire your house, then you should give consideration to installing a new consumer unit.

Consumer Units

A new consumer unit will come with RCD breakers in it, which will not blow like a fuse, they will simply “Trip out” in the event of any electrical problems. This means that if say a light bulb blows and trips out the electrics, then you can simply reset the trip switch in the consumer unit.

In addition similar to a fuse board, only the circuit in question trips out.

In working in this way a modern consumer unit means that you will have no more fuses to keep replacing. In addition, modern RCD breakers are great at sensing when the load on a wire may be due to overheating and cutting out the power before a wire overheats and causes a fire.

So if you have an older style fuse box then investing in a good consumer unit is a very good idea, never mind old fuses blowing, you are also buying more peace of mind. In addition in the event of a short circuit, an RCD breaker can cut out before the power has the chance to electrocute anyone.

If you are unsure if you need to replace or upgrade your current fuse box, please contact a member of our team today. We are ready to offer advice on what you may need, also we always offer a completely free with no obligation survey of your property.

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