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Automatic People Counting System

Automatic People Counters

As the pandemic rages on and looks like this will be an issue for the foreseeable future, stop having to keep a staff member in charge of people counting. A much similar solution will be to install an automatic people counting system.

Simple Traffic light System

Vox supply and fit a range of solutions for your individual business, a simple traffic light system makes entering and leaving the premises very easy to understand.

Your staff or customers will be thankful for the clear indication of when they can enter the building.

Complying with social distancing rules

These counting systems aill also make it very simple to abide by the current government guidelines on how many people can be in your premises at one time. It also will keep your staff and visitors save as you will always know how many people have entered your building and allow you to comply and keep everyone safe.

Free up Staff

You will also not have to keep a number of staff available to police the entry of the building, thus keeping them safe and not having to be in contact with the general public.

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