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EV Charger Installations

Electric car charging point installations for home or commercial

Specialist EV Charge Point Installations

Electric Car Charging

Vox Security are pleased to offer installation of electric car fast chargers for both electric and hybrid vehicles.  Use our EV charging solutions to help charge your cars correctly. Our specialist engineers have years of experience and can advise and install for home or commercial use.

Vox Can Help With:

  • Planning regulations
  • Advice on location, power, metering options
  • We supply a selection of wall units and free standing units.
  • Controlling access to charge points.
  • Initial installation, project management and ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Government OLEV grant scheme
  • Registered installers with Rolec and BG syncEV

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Commercial Charging Solutions

SYNC EV Registered installerWe can provide commercial charging stations for all businesses and business premises. Our specialist engineers can advise on installation points, suitable equipment and we can offer installation and ongoing maintenance and support.

Home Charging Installations

Here at Vox we can offer electric car charging points for your home property. We are fully registered and can provide access to the EVHS / OLEV Government grant system. All our installations come complete with advice on chargers, charge points, planning regulations, access to the charge point.

Government OLEV/EVHS Grant Scheme

We are fully registered and qualified to offer homeowners access to the government grants for electric vehicles. The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme ( EVHS ) is a grant that provides a 75% contribution to the cost of one chargepoint and its installation.
Call Vox today to find out more about the grant and requirements.

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EV charging solutions FAQ's

An electric car charging point is a device that enables you to recharge your electric vehicle’s battery using electricity from the grid. You need one if you want to avoid relying solely on public charging stations and have a dedicated charging point at your home or business for convenience and cost savings.

There are several types of EV charging points, including slow, fast, and rapid chargers. The type that is right for you depends on your needs and budget. Slow chargers are the cheapest but take the longest time to charge, while rapid chargers are the most expensive but can provide an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes.

The time it takes to charge an electric car depends on the type of charger and the battery capacity of your vehicle. A slow charger may take 8-12 hours, while a rapid charger may take 30 minutes to an hour. The cost of charging also varies based on the charger type and electricity rates, but generally, it is much cheaper than petrol or diesel fuel.

You may be eligible for the government OLEV/EVHS grant scheme if you are a homeowner or business owner and meet certain criteria. You can find out more information and apply for the grant through the official government website.

In most cases, you do not need planning permission to install an EV charging point at your home or business. However, you should check with your local planning authority to confirm if any restrictions or guidelines apply.

Yes, you can control who uses your charging point and track usage and costs through various smart charging solutions. These solutions allow you to set access permissions, monitor charging sessions, and receive billing reports.

We offer ongoing maintenance and support for our EV charging installations, including remote monitoring, fault diagnosis, repair, and replacement of faulty components. We also provide customer support and technical assistance to help you get the most out of your charging infrastructure.

Yes, our engineers are qualified and certified to install EV charging points and have many years of experience in the industry. We also have partnerships with other leading providers to offer a wide range of EV charging solutions and support services.

The benefits of using Vox Security for your EV charging needs include expert advice, high-quality installations, and ongoing support and maintenance. To get started with our services, simply contact us to schedule a free consultation and site survey.

Yes, we offer warranties and guarantees for our EV charging installations to ensure that you receive a reliable and long-lasting solution. If you have any issues or questions, you can contact us by phone, email, or through our website to receive prompt and professional support.

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