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EV Charger Installations

Electric car charging point installations for home or commercial

Specialist EV Charge Point Installations

Electric Car Charging

Vox Security are pleased to offer installation of electric car chargers for both electric and hybrid vehicles.  Use our EV charging solutions to help charge your cars correctly. Our specialist engineers have years of experience and can advise and install for home or commercial use.


Vox Can Help With:

  • Planning regulations
  • Advice on location, power, metering options
  • Controlling access to charge points.
  • Initial installation, project management and ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Government OLEV grant scheme

Call 0191 442 2723

Commercial Charging Solutions

We can provide commercial charging stations for all businesses and business premises. Our specialist engineers can advise on installation points, suitable equipment and we can offer installation and ongoing maintenance and support.

Home Charging Installations

Here at Vox we can offer electric car charging points for your home property. We are fully registered and can provide access to the EVHS / OLEV Government grant system. All our installtions come complete with advice on chargers, charge points, planning regulations, access to the charge point.

Government OLEV/EVHS Grant Scheme

We are fully registered and qualified to offer homeowners access to the government grants for electric vechiles. The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme ( EVHS ) is a grant that provides a 75% contribution to the cost of one chargepoint and its installation.
Call Vox today to find out more about the grant and requirements.