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Fever Screening Solutions Gateshead

COVID-19 Fever Detection Screening

In the current uncertain climate we need a working solution to reassure workplace employees, consumers and customers that your premises are safe to enter.

The newest solution Vox Security now offers is Fever Detection Thermal Cameras, using this new technology and making sure you have the correct social distancing and recommended people management in place means you can ensure that all of the people that work or visit your business premises will be safe.

This is the perfect solution to reassure your customers and workforce that your premises are safe to frequent. We are pleased to offer the Fever Screening Camera installation in Gateshead and all the surrounding areas of the north east of England.

We have numerous Fever Detection options suitable to be installed in Offices, Railway Stations, Commercial Areas, Hospitals, Retail Environments and Schools.

Benefits Of Installing Fever Detection Thermal Cameras

As the country starts to slowly ease lockdown and more retail and business premises in and around Gateshead start to open there is mounting pressure to keep your employees and customers safe.

The benefits of Fever Screening are you can scan groups of individuals in high traffic areas, it only takes one second to detect temperature of a person and multi-person detection is completed simultaneously, an alarm will be triggered to alert the operator that a potentially sick person is in the building.

By preventing the entry of the sick person you can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses and protect your visitors.

Get Fever Screening Cameras Installed

If your Business, Educational Facility, Club or Store is based in Gateshead or North East, and are interested or in need of installation of Thermal Imaging Cameras or any Access Control systems, You can contact us now to see how we can support you through these COVID-19 times, our trained specialists are here to advise on how your organization can safely support employees and visitors who might be at risk.

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