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Fire safety at work

Who is responsible

If you are an employer,  business owner, landlord or otherwise in control of the premises you will be what’s known as the ‘ responsible person’.  it is your job to ensure that a fire risk assessment has been carried out for the premises and that it is reviewed regularly.

Fire risk assessments

The responsible person must carry out the fire risk assessment of the premises in order to identify what needs to be done 12 not only prevent via but also keep people safe.

The assessment must identify all fire hazards,  people that may be at risk, then evaluate and remove or work towards reducing the risks.  you must then keep a record of your findings and put together an emergency plan then also provide training in order to carry out the plan.  you must regularly review and update the risk assessment for the premises.

Things to consider:

 in order to put together that a clear and detailed assessment you will need to review:

  •  All emergency routes and exits
  • What fire detections and warning systems are in place
  • What fire fighting equipment is available
  • Are dangerous substances stored  safely what should they be removed
  • Put together an emergency fire evacuation plan
  • Are any vulnerable people in the building

Get help with your risk assessment

You can put together a fire risk assessment yourself with the help of guides as long as you know all of the latest guidelines that you need to adhere to.  to we always advise that you should seek the advice of a professional if you don’t have the experience or time to carry out a full and detailed risk assessment.
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