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Hikvision Temperature Screening

Gateshead Hikvision Temperature Screening 

Vox security are trained and approved fitters of all Hikvision Temperature Screening Solutions, There are multiple product types with a wide range of applications.

The main purpose is designed for the quick detection of the skins surface temperatures, to be able to relay a rapid and safe preliminary screening in all public areas.

The applications have extremely high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios where there are a large number of people.

Temperature screening with access control

You now have the technology to be able to pre-scan members of the public before allowing entry into the building, thus preventing a potentially sick person from being able to un-intently spread any viruses to other staff or visitors.

Fever screening thermal camera

These are a must on the front line in preventing the spread of infectious viruses such as Covid-19, a very simple solution that is highly adaptable to be used in any property that requires screening before entry is allowed.

This helps keep your staff safe as it is a non-touch approach for controlling access.

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