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Commercial People Counting

At these uncertain times, shops or other public areas must control the number of people who are entering, this enhances social distancing and prevents gathering and overcrowding. A simple solution would be to install an automated people counting system.

Counters for Social Distance Control


  • Automated queuing
  • Multi-person detection simultaneously


  • Non-contact measurement avoiding physical contact
  • No staff contact


  • LCD display with traffic light entry system
  • Immediately alarming to notify operators
commercial People counting
people counter cameras



  • It’s easy to use and deploy for stores with single door.
  • Installing a people counting camera at the single door.
  • Displays real-time number of people in the area, with audible alarms


  • It’s easy to use and deploy for premises with dual entrances.
  • Installing a people counting camera at dual doors.

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