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Vox Security Regulations

Term & conditions

  • All quotations are valid for a period of 28 days from the date of issue.
  • All systems supplied by Vox Security carry our 12 month warranty on all parts and labour (unless otherwise specified)
  • Payment is strictly on a 7 day bases from time of invoice.
  • Al equipment remains the property of Vox Security till paid in full regardless of if it has been installed or not.
  • We are pleased to provide further information regarding equipment specification, data sheets, full health and safety information etc. upon request.
  • All quotation are subject to our normal terms and conditions, and based on all work being carried out on a continual basis during normal working hours; i.e. 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Thursday. Any works required to be carried out outside normal weekday hours, or during weekends will be charged for at overtime rates. No allowance has been made for waiting time which may result due to circumstances outside our control.
  • The client is to provide us with sufficient access for our free movement to all the relevant areas and also must provide an adequate standard electricity supply of 240 volts in the working area. If we have quoted to replace your existing control panel we are assuming all associated cabling and equipment is fault free. No allowance has been made for remedial work in this respect.





  • The fire & security systems of Vox Security & Electrical Services (the company) are specified to comply with the relevant codes of practice and/or laid down in the requirements.
  • Please note that alterations to the physical structure of the building or the building services provided and/or any repositioning of furniture/fixtures/stock storage or display etc. at the protected location MAY AFFECT THE AREA OF COVERAGE PROVIDED. In such circumstances the subscriber should liaise with the company concerning the re-evaluation of the security protection.
  • Unless expressly specified, the quoted installation charges DOES NOT INCLUDE FOR:
    • Any building work, cutting away, making good or re-decoration
    • Any civil engineering work
    • Any telecommunication services
  • The subscriber is asked to advise the company before work commences of the existence of and point out to the company’s installation engineer the location of – concealed water, gas, electricity, telephone or other services, wiring or pipes. In the absence of such advice the company cannot accept liability for damage to the services nor any consequential loss.
  • Unless otherwise specified the installation costs allow for surface run cables. At the discretion of the company engineer(s), cables may be concealed.
  • Where floor coverings have to be refitted then such work is the responsibility of the subscriber.
  • The primary viewing of a CCTV system is done via the main monitor attached to the system the company cannot guarantee the image quality when viewing over a network or over the Internet. Any I.T support required is not included in the quotation and will be charged separately.
  • In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR Act May 2018, personal data relating to the subscriber and its Keyholders in connection with the alarm system may be held by the company and the police on computer. Where data is relevant to a complaint it may be disclosed to an independent inspectorate recognized by the police authorities.
  • The company will advise the subscriber regarding the application of any telecommunication services required, and will, where agreed by the company and the subscriber, make application on the subscribers’ behalf.
  • Without giving notice, the company reserves the right at any time to improve its own alarm filtering procedures and in addition to make changes to its alarm filtering procedures in accordance with the requirements of other external authorities.
  • The subscriber is advised to consult fully with their insurer regarding all aspects of their security system.
  • Police response to a security system is dependent on the system performance in terms of false alarms. It is also dependant on the continuing willingness of the police to respond to electronic security systems signaling.
  • Unless otherwise specified the installation costs have been calculated on a ‘continuous working’ basis. The company reserves the right to impose additional charges if the continuity of the work is interrupted by the subscriber, the subscribers’ agent, or persons working on the subscribers behalf.
  • Where the client/clients third party sub-contractor provides the fused connection unit, a certificate of safety shall be required as evidence that the outlet and associated circuit has been electrically tested and is safe.