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Improve Your Garden Security

garden security

Home or business security should not just be thought about as just your bricks and mortar or the space you sit in. You also need to consider the security of your garden or outside space. This is a general oversite of most people and is important because not only will it potentially contain items that a thief may find attractive, but more importantly, it is the first line of defence to keep any would-be burglars away from your property.


garden safetyThe best way to ensure you have a secure area outside the property is to install sturdy and reliable gates. It is a good idea that the gate matches your garden fencing, but if you want to keep the general theme of a particular design that will make it visible as a gate.

When thinking about what type of gate would be best you will need to consider not only on the design of the fencing but also with the overall theme of the house property and garden design. Also how often will the gate be used, what type of locking system is best and who will need access to the area. The most commonly used material used for a security gate is wrought iron, steel, aluminium, and wood.

A secure garden can be achieved with the installation of aluminium or iron gates since they are extremely sturdy and they have the benefit of being able to be built taller than when using other materials. Wrought iron gates can provide added security to the area with the use of a strong lock.

Wooden gates are usually a cheaper option and are a firm favourite of garden designers and landscapers, but they can be less secure as they can be easily kicked down or breached. You will also have to consider the upkeep of the fencing and gate, they can rot if not treated and if your property is in a windy exposed area they can be storm damaged.

Security Lights

Once you have a secure perimeter around the outside space you need to make sure the inside of your garden or premises is well lit in order to deter intruders.

A quick solution is to install motion detection lighting. There is a large range of lights available depending on your budget you can purchase various light levels with many interesting features.

You can set the sensitivity so the light won’t keep coming on from small animals such as cats or foxes, the area covered will also vary depending on the type and brand you choose.

Good Locks

Next step is to make sure all sheds or storage areas are in good condition and have visible locks in place, the idea is to deter intruders, most thefts from outside areas are committed by ‘chancers’ that think they can quickly ‘grab and go’. If it looks like your property is secure and would take time and effort to steal or make a lot of noise in the process, they won’t take the chance on being caught in the act.

Lastly make sure all expensive furniture, Barbeques and the like are secured in place or have locks. Again this will deter most criminals from even attempting to take them.

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