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Wall Safes For Security and Peace of Mind

Every homeowner has valuables that are lying around, whether it is jewellery, important documents or cash. You can like some, either keep them under your mattress at night, stash them away and then worry about there security every minute of the day. Or you can start to think about installing a wall safe.

Where to Install

A safe in the wall can be discretely hidden behind almost anything. If you think that a portrait might be a little too obvious, then it can be hidden behind a variety of objects, such as a dresser or your bed’s headboard if it is large enough. The only nuisance with that is that you would have to keep moving the entire bed just to open the safe. It would be a great idea if you don’t need to access the safe on a regular basis. If you need to open it every few days then the safe would not be ideal behind anything that is too heavy.


What type of Safe

There are a whole host of hidden safes available on the market, that you can store your important processions away in very securely. A traditional safe box can be a great investment; they usually use a combination locking system.

There are newer digital wall safes that work with rechargeable batteries. These digital safes can be opened with a variety of locking systems, from code to ones that scan your fingerprint. These are usually the most secure type and are known as biometric safes. The more secure and high-tech the safe then it will usually come with a higher price point. You need to weigh up the cost against what you will be using the safe to store.

Home Wall Safes

Some people are just more comfortable getting a simple locking safe, something that is secure and no one else can possibly open. The technology used assures people that their important belongings are not accessible to any other person and can give you peace of mind.

Keeping Documents Safe

It is worth keeping in mind that when it comes to your valuable documents, a robbery is not the only event you have to worry about, humidity can damage documents if not stored correctly, if there was a fire in the premises then it would be much more protected in a fireproof safe.

Your precious possessions are only guaranteed to be safe if they can be protected from thieves, fires and water. Once you are assured that you have chosen one of the best wall safes that is fireproof and well insulated then you will finally be able to relax.

Once you have decided where the best place to store the safe is, what you will be using it for, how big does it need to be and what level of security access is required, you can then start to choose the best brand and what type of unlocking you prefer.

If you need any advice on what is best suitable for you and your premises, get in touch today to see how we can help.